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PVE electrohydraulic actuators in Mumbai • Get fast, accurate and intelligent operation with our plug and perform PVE actuators – under any operating and environmental conditions. The portfolio includes more than 50 different versions of our PVE actuators – from simple on/off actuators to SIL 2 certified CAN bus actuators. Our PVED CAN bus actuators are designed for J1939/ISOBUS Protocol and CANopen systems. Machine benefits o Speed up time to market with SIL 2 certified products o A build-in surveillance monitors both the PVEs and the valve performance o Plug and perform capability o Easy setup and installation speeds up time to market o User selectable, progressive flow characteristics in our digital PVED CAN bus actuators o Advanced built-in diagnostic functions Product features PVE and PVED o Low hysteresis o Low power consumption o Close loop control makes the proportional PVEs immune to viscosity, temperature and voltage variations o Work area ambient temperatures from -30°C to +60°C [-22°F to +140°F] o Oil temperatures from -30°C to +90°C [-22°F to 194°F] o Ratiometric, voltage, PWM and digital control options o IP 69 rated o Multi voltage supply range from 11-32 VDC Product features PVED o PVED-CX is SIL 2 certified according to IEC 61508 o PVED-CC is PLUS+1® Compliant, which enables OEMs to change PVED-CC parameters in the PLUS+1 GUIDE service tool. o CANopen protocol (CiA 3.01 and CiA 4.08) o J1939/ISOBUS CAN control o Advanced performance settings o Environmental robustness identical to analog PVE o Power consumption <9W Functional Safety Anticipating the demands of new safety legislation, we offer a valve safety concept – including our SIL 2 certified PVED-CX and our oil supply cut-off module, PVSK –that helps OEMs comply with the requirements of the revised European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) and related standards. Please visit for more detail:
TRANSIT MIXER PUMP / MOTOR / GEAR BOX We can offer you pumps, motors and spare parts for Sauer-Danfoss following models SPV2/033, SPV2/052, SPV2/070, SPV2/089, SPV2/119, SPV2/166, SPV2/227, SPV2/334, SMF2/033, SMF2/052, SMF2/070, SMF2/089, SMF2/119, SMF2/166, SMF2/227, SMF2/334. Axial piston variable displacement pumps, are well - engineered and easy handle. The full - lenght shaft with a highly efficient tapered roller bearing arrangement offers a high loading capacity for external radial forces. Additional pumps can be built on. The hydro - mechanical servo displacement control maintains the selected swash plate position and hence pump displacement. Upon release of the control handle, the swash plate automatically returns to the null positions and the flow becomes zero. High case pressures can be achieved without leakage even a t the lowest temperatures by using suitable shaft seals. The servo valve arrangement offers the facility to incorporate function regulators and remote control systems. Axial piston units are designed for easy servicing, complete dismantling and disassembly can be carried out with standard hand tools, and all components or sub – assemblies are replaceable.