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Axial Piston Pumps & Motors There are Open and Closed circuit types of pumps and motors. Open circuit axial piston pumps Open circuit axial piston pumps are used to operate services (hydraulic motors and cylinders) on mobile agricultural and construction machinery, also for lifting and for cleaning applications Open circuit pumps are available with various control logic options: hydraulic load sensing, electronic load sensing, constant pressure, and for certain applications, constant power. All pumps can be equipped with pressure sensors and with swash plate angle sensors. An extensive product range affords the facility of assembling multiple units with axial piston pumps of different sizes, and with gear pumps.\ Closed circuit axial piston pumps Closed circuit axial piston pumps are used as hydrostatic transmission components in self-propelled machines and for rotary drives in both fixed and mobile equipment of all kinds. Variable displacement axial piston pumps for closed circuit applications are available with a variety of control options: direct manual, servo-assisted manual, remote hydraulic, remote hydraulic with feedback, On-Off electric in closed centre and open centre configurations, proportional electric and hydraulic automotive. Electronic control logic options include automotive, constant speed drive, shift-on-the-fly and feedback. Multiple units can be assembled using axial piston pumps of different sizes, and gear pumps. Possible configurations include circuits with built-in exchange valves and pressure relief valves. Fixed-displacement axial piston motors Closed circuit axial piston motors are used as hydro static transmission components, in conjunction with closed circuit pumps, and found consequently in the widest imaginable range of mobile equipment. Fixed displacement motors can also be used in open circuit applications, and are therefore suitable for a variety of hydraulic circuits, such as those of hoists and fan drives Axial piston motors can be fixed or variable displacement. Variable displacement motors are available with two position hydraulic controls, two position electric control and proportional electric control. Controls can also be customised where particular strategies are required. Possible configurations include circuits with built-in exchange valves and pressure relief valves. Built-in cartridge versions also available for epicyclic hubs. Axial Piston Pumps & Motors
Gerotor Hydraulic Motor Distributors in Borivali, Mumbai. To retain our goodwill in clients' consideration, we trade and supply optimum quality Gerotor Hydraulic Motor that has rotating off center in a rotor/stator with accurately hobbed teeth. Our offered hydraulic motor is precisely designed using modern technology and optimum quality components. The provided hydraulic motor is highly appreciated in the market for its various quality attributes. Moreover, this hydraulic motor is tested on various quality measures. Features: Optimum functionality Easy operability Better productivity results
Transit Mixer Gear Box Pump & Motors High pressure axial piston pumps for closed loop are specifically designed by our principals to be used on heavy duty machines for traction and auxiliary functions, providing efficiency and durability. Models supplied by us are entirely manufactured by worlds leading companys and are the result of a 20 year experience with hydraulic transmissions. Variable displacement pumps are designed with efficiency and durability in mind. Premium materials, tight tolerances and precision machining result in a product that is made to last. The geometry of the components is optimized to reduce wear and provide the most efficient oil flow. Similarly the global structure of the transmission is designed to handle pressure and loads without deformation: this way efficiency is also maintained in high pressure working conditions. Axial piston pumps come in different sizes, with different control options (e.g., manual, electric proportional) and can be used in combination with other pumps.
Piston Pumps and Motors We’ll drive your vehicle transmission to a new level of performance with our piston pumps and motors. Designed for intelligent vehicle management systems, our range brings you closer to your goals for reduced fuel consumption and high operator comfort. Trust our compact piston pumps and motors to give your transmission the power it needs with the low emissions that satisfy today’s global regulations. We deliver components and systems for low, medium and high-power applications, including single and dual path propulsion drives and closed loop auxiliary transmissions. Our range is PLUS+1® Compliant for smooth, seamless integration in intelligent control systems. For More Details please visit us :
PVG 16 • Low-flow PVG 16 covers simple to complex needs. Proven technology and components for customized valve stacks. Benefit from load-sensing functionality made for the low-flow segment. PVG 16 optimizes productivity, lowers total system costs and facilitates fulfillment of emissions and safety regulations. Use with the PVE series 6 actuator for seamless integration in advanced electrohydraulic systems. Lower Total System Costs - Machine benefits o Load-sensing technology for higher efficiency, safety, reduced energy consumption, and longer system life. o Optimized system architecture & unique machine features due to design flexibility and modular concept o Improved efficiency obtained by precise matching of performance with flow requirements o Reduced cooling and fuel requirements o Low machine downtime supported by high quality products, modular concept & advanced product feedback o Optimized production processes & less inventory due to modular concept & short delivery time Product features o Flow rating up to 65 l/min [17.2 US gal/min] o Work port pressure up to 400 bar [5, 800 psi] o Actuator with integrated float function for increased safety o Actuator with closed loop control for built-in fault monitoring o Symmetrical & asymmetrical spools o Compensator & LS pressure limitation for advanced application requirements o Available with On/Off & proportional CAN actuator for simplified machine wiring & bi-directional communication PVE series 6 actuator Incorporating a microcontroller for closed loop control, PVE series 6 delivers excellent spool control and built-in fault monitoring to the PVG 16. High tolerance towards temperature variations ensures a robust, reliable valve performance in all conditions. Key applications PVG 16 targets on a broad range of applications in the mobile machinery market. Typical applications are municipal vehicles, agricultural machinery, small cranes, construction machinery & road building applications Please Visit For Details: